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The Long and Short of Shorts

Shorts are super short these days. Like 'half ass hanging out the back' short. But I, as a 48 year old woman am NOT interested in half of my ass hanging out the back of my shorts. I'm a little modest and like my ass fully covered - thank you very much.

Best In Brit

So...have you had enough of the Royal Wedding? Did you wake up at 5 a.m. on Saturday to watch Oprah arrive? I did.  Which dress did you prefer? The ceremony dress or the evening dress?  I think I'll save my opinion for a Best Dressed post later this week.

How to wear a Kimono

The Kimono. I'm having a serious love/hate relationship with this wardrobe piece. Every time I try one I feel like I'm walking through a field at Coachella. But it turns out that music festivals aren't the only place you can wear kimonos.

Best in Blouse

By definition a blouse is a lightweight, loose fitting garment worn by women. Are you a blouse girl or are you more into the structure of shirt. I like both, but find myself wearing shirts (and sweaters, mostly tee's) more often.

Things for Spring

I love the newness of Spring. New flowers, new grass, new fashion, not necessarily in that order. Picking up a few current things to refresh my wardrobe always puts me in a good mood. I'm definitely a junkie from the serotonin rush I get from shopping.


I spent a leisurely afternoon at the ROM strolling the small, but beautiful Christian Dior Exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum yesterday. The exhibit is a celebration of the 7Oth Anniversary of the House of Dior and contains many pieces worn by Toronto socialites all of which were designed between 1947 and 1957.

Best in LBD

As holiday season quickly approaches, so does party season and the search for the perfect party outfit. An LBD (Little Black Dress - for the one person who didn't know what the acronym stood for)  is simplest and chicest solution for every soiree.

One Coat...

If by some horrific chance my husband said to me "Vicki, you have too many coats in your closet, pick one to keep and donate the rest." First, let's be realistic - I would die, and then I would choose the long camel coat. Read on...

Smithery Style

Every now and again, usually I post a particularly well put together out fit on  Dear Glimmer, or post a photo of an outfit I'm wearing on Instagram - I get an email or text from a friend. "I love your outfit choices...please take me shopping - I'll pay you."