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Beating the Blues

Beating the Blues

They say April showers bring May flowers. But what happens when April rolls around and your January blahs have morphed into the April blues...with no flowers in sight? You can get seriously down. I'm one of those people that functions much better in during daylight saving time. I need sunshine, I need light. Come by my place anytime and you'll find most of the lights on, even during the day. It drives my husband nuts, but I need the light, it makes me feel better. If I could mainline Vitamin D (which you probably can somewhere) I would do it.  So when the sky is grey and winds are still chilly, or even downright cold, I try to incorporate a few easy things into my life to lift my spirits. You'll notice that shopping for new clothes isn't on the list - it only provides a very quick temporary hit, these tips will last longer than a new white tee! ;)

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  • Get Outside

When you least feel like putting on your boots or shoes, is probably when it's most important. Moving your body (in nature - even shitty, grey nature) is an instant mood lifter. Make sure you are dressed for the weather so you don't feel chilly, that will dampen (pun intended) your spirits for sure. I like to keep track of my daily steps, so even when the thought of getting outside depresses me...I check my step tracker app and and I usually get a boost of energy and the desire to move my steps northward for the day! I like high numbers. 

  • Drink Lots of Water - Cut down on Caffeine

At this point being told to drink more water is just a broken record. But do it...seriously! Staying hydrated elevates your mood. Switch out one of your cups of coffee for a big glass of lemon water. Start with baby steps and slowly move down to one cup of coffee a day if you consume more.  I keep a big jug of water on my kitchen island because I like my water room temp. I refill it at least once a day. Your skin will also thank you for it.

  • Listen to Music or Podcasts

Personally I'm addicted to podcasts. Which ever one I happen to be listening to at the time is on whenever I have a moment. When I'm walking the dog, ironing (kidding), in the car. They take my mind off the gloomy weather. This is true as well with music. I have a Sonos system in my house and it's rare that there isn't something playing over every zone. Why not create a 'rainy day' playlist will all your favourite songs on it? Songs that lift you up and make you feel like dancing. Music lifts your spirits, so keep it playing - everywhere, everyday!

  • Eat Healthier Foods

This one is so hard, like sooooo freaking hard! Usually when I'm feeling blue all I want is package of four peanut butter cups. That's right...the big pack.  Certainly that will make me feel better...right? It does, for about ten minutes until I come crashing down from the sugar rush. That sugar crash makes you feel worse than you did before the peanut butter cups, or chocolate chip cookies or whatever your sweet vice might be. Cutting down on sugar is key to regulating your moods. In the first ten weeks of the new year, I almost completely cut sugar out of my diet. That included no wine, and guess what happened? I felt great. I woke up in the morning with energy, no aches and pains in my body. I didn't have that 3 o'clock pb cup craving. Sadly, this is hard to keep up. But if  you can try to a least cut down on the amount of sugar you take in...and up your veggies and fruits (natural sugars) you're sure to notice a big difference in your moods. 

  • Turn The Lights On

Baby turn the lights on!!! As I mentioned above I have the lights on all day in my house, unless it happens to be exceptionally sunny outside. And as most of us know, that is the exception for many months in this country. Keeping the lights on helps to elevate my mood. Sadly my electricity bill is probably too high because of it, but if mama ain't happy....well you know the rest! 





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