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Best in Blouse

Best in Blouse

By definition a blouse is a lightweight, loose fitting garment worn by women. Are you a blouse girl or are you more into the structure of shirt. I like both, but find myself wearing shirts (and sweaters, mostly tee's) more often. I have some great blouses, but for some reason find myself regularly passing over them. Well not this Spring. I'm going to tying to work through some of the blouses that already have at home in my closet - even if it means only wearing them for a dog walk, often the highlight of my day! :)

Blouse are traditionally more feminine and flowy than shirts and can be worn for both elegant and casual occasions. They're versatile and great for layering under a jacket. Try one tucked into a skirt or jeans or left loose over a nice pair of leggings. If you choose to wear a blouse over leggings, make sure it's long enough to cover your booty. Otherwise save your legging for a sweatshirt. Here are some of the sweetest blouses I spied after a quick search:

Carly Blouse - Anthro.jpg

A blouse often doesn't have buttons as show above in this adorable Carly Printed Blouse from Anthropologie $125.00.  This top makes a great transition piece into Spring. Reminder that when ordering from the Anthro website all prices are listed in US dollars.  

The yellow blouse above is the Catriona Silk Button-down from Anthro. $168.00.

             Cortona Tunic Blouse  - Anthropologie $125.00

           Cortona Tunic Blouse - Anthropologie $125.00

Potala - Anthro.jpg

This Potala Silk Button-down would be a classic addition to your wardrobe. Sadly it just sold out at Anthropologie. If you see anything with this gorgeous style print...let me know. Buy it when you see it - lesson learned.

Strils Polka Dot - Club Monaco.jpg

Not everyone favours polka dots, but these come across as very delicate on this Strils Silk Wrap Top from Club Monaco. $198.00. 

Stripped Blouse - zara.jpg

I never met a strip I didn't love. This Striped Blouse with Ruffles is no exception. Zara $49.50. The V neck is very deep, you might like to wear a light cami underneath. 

geometric print - zars.jpg

The tie up at the neck on this blouse is so gorgeous - I love it. Need some print in your it is in this Geometric Print Blouse from Zara. $49.90

                       Wrap Front Blouse  - Joe Fresh  $25.50

                     Wrap Front Blouse - Joe Fresh  $25.50

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