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Carry On Essentials

Carry On Essentials

I hate packing for vacation. If I would wriggle my nose and have it all done for me, I would be a very happy girl. But alas, I'm not a witch (sorry if the Bewitched reference went over your head) and I have to pack for myself like a mere mortal. My carry on bag is very important to me and includes all the necessities for a comfortable flight, plus a few essentials in the unfortunate instance that my luggage travels to a different destination.  Here's what's in my carry on:

  • Empty water bottle - I fill it up before getting on the plane after I pass through security. 
  • Cosmetics bag - I take all my make up in my carry one. I can't stand the thought of it going missing. Not to mention not having mascara! 
  • Pashmina or light shawl - This is perfect if the plane is chilly or for cool beach nights.
  • Flip Flops - I want my toes exposed as soon as I can feel the heat. 
  • Bathing Suit - In case your room isn't ready, at least you can go for a dip!
  • Eye Mask - Do not bother me after take off!
  • Ear buds - Some people like noise cancelling head phones, I can make do with a smaller set of ear buds. 
  • Passport - And all essential documents.
  • Protein bar - or other snack that does not contain nuts.
  • Facial Mist - I drink tons of water on flights, but I also like to mist my face with a little rosewater facial mist. 
  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste - Because oral hygiene is important - especially when you're wearing Invisalign. 
  • Spare Undies - Because your Mom always said 'travel with spare undies' - didn't she?
Current mood...vacation!

Current mood...vacation!