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Current mood...vacation!

Current mood...vacation!

It just hit's almost vacay time! I've been so preoccupied with day to day life, that I've barely had a moment to think about my upcoming sojourn at the beach.  So this morning I decided I'd start by organizing my sunscreen collection. That's right...collection. I'm a sunscreen hoarder. But as with any beauty products, sunscreens expire. And if you're using them after their expiry date - then you're not getting the required protection from the nasty UV rays of that gorgeous sunshine. So the first step before you go away...check the expiry dates on your lotions and sprays (if you have some left from last summer - and who doesn't?).  Second step...ensure you have the right products for everyone in the family. I only use 'safe' sunscreen. My one son likes sprays, I hate them, but it's better than them (teens) not using anything. My other son need hypoallergenic and fragrance free. I also recommend a sunscreen specific for the face. The sticks are very popular with my family and are also awesome for the scalp area.  The scalp can often get overlooked and  sunburnt. If you're anything like me, you take all the sunscreen you need for the week with you. I hate buying sunscreen while I'm away, it's often outrageously expensive an loaded with fragrance and chemicals. Unless of course you like that 1980's artificial coconut smell. I won't judge!  Pack your bottles in a resealable plastic bag to prevent them spilling all over bikini's and you're ready to fly.  Apply your sunscreen liberally and often, especially if you spend a lot of time in the water. Don't forget the tops of your hands. This is an area (like the chest) that shows signs of again very quickly. We often apply the lotion all over our body and then wipe off (or even wash) our hands. You can wipe of the palms if you don't like the sticky feel...but apply a nice layer on the tops.  And for that last layer of extra protection...wear a hat!

Here are the sunscreens that I use while away on vacation:


                   Beautycounter All Over Sunscreen with SPF 30 - I'll use this on day's 4 -7.


Beautycounter Sunscreen Stick for the face. I apply this often as I'm super conscious about sun on my face. 


I like Elta MD with SPF 50 (30 pictured above) for my first few days in the sun. 

P.S. I had an amazing conversation with my friend KT on Saturday - unbeknownst to her, she inspired me to write. Thanks KT!

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