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Sneaky Sneaks

Sneaky Sneaks

So you're jonesing for a pair of vintage lifestyle sneakers, but you don't want to look like your teenage daughter in her pristine Stan Smith's. Did  you know Stan Smith was at the US Open? Did you  know there was an actual Stan Smith? I didn't...but I digress. Finding the right lifestyle sneak can be tricky. Personally I found many of them (including the elusive Stan Smith's) look very clunky on my feet, so I went in search of something a little sleeker - and maybe a little more grown up. Here are some cute options, all of which are available at Sport Check to make things super easy for you! 

adidas gazelle.jpg

                                  Super cute (but not cutesy) Adidas Gazelle's - $109.99

puma classic.jpg

                                 Puma Suede Classic in Black/White -$66.99 (great value).

New Balance.jpg

                                              New Balance 520's in Sea Salt - $109.99

reebok princess.jpg

                The classic Reebok Princess - $74.99...makes me think of the 20 Minute Workout! 

Stretching your Summer Wardrobe

Stretching your Summer Wardrobe

She's Back!

She's Back!