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31 Day Blog Challenge - Day Six

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day Six

Day Six - Three personality traits I'm proud of.

Ugh...I HATE today's topic. How do I write three personality traits I'm proud of without sounding self-centred or boastful. Which BTW, are two traits I'm proud that I'm not. Even if you think I am. I was able to come up with one, but then I had to dig deep into my personal emotional vault (yucky, nobody likes to do that) to come up with my other two. But I let's roll.


I think I'm witty or funny. I like to make people laugh. It makes me feel good when people laugh at something I have to say. I think that laughing is good for you. It releases good endorphins (well there's no scientific proof, but let's pretend it does for the sake of today). I don't particularly set out to say funny things, they just naturally come to me. So I suppose it's a kind of gift. I know when my family gets together we like to make each other laugh. My siblings are funny people too. I wonder if anyone has ever said "oh let's invite Vicki, she's good for a laugh" I doubt it. Sometimes though, my wittiness can get me into trouble, because I have a very bad habit of just blurting things out and not always in the most appropriate situations. That's the downside of being witty I suppose. 


Do you need me to do something for you? I will do it. Do you need me to be somewhere. I will be there. I believe I've grown into this trait through my years as a stay at home mother.  Children depend on you so much for everything, that I think I've taken that trait and worked it into all areas of my life.  If you need me...I'll jump through hoops for you. One time in the not so recent past, a friend of mine, lost a very good friend (she suddenly died) but I couldn't get out to the west coast to see her.  I felt terrible about this. Like she couldn't depend on me. I hope she knows that I wanted desperately to be there with her. It's the one time I feel I let someone down. I didn't like that feeling. Hope it never happens again. 


I'll be your biggest cheerleader...I can promise you that. I use supportive mostly in the context of what I do for my close friends and family.   I will come to your opening, I will support your business, I will let you cry on my shoulder, I will come to you whenever you need me. I will not let you down in your time of need or otherwise. I love supporting my fiends in their lives. A very good "mommy" friend of mine recently went back to work full time. I'm not going to lie, it was really disappointing to me because we had a thing going. Dog walks, lunches, hanging out, drive each other's kid.s (once I learned to drive)you know, the stuff mommies do (for about ten years).  But I knew she need a change in her life. So I supported her decision...even though she left me in the dust. ;) I'm totally kidding. We still make time to see each other - and she's happy...and that is what I love seeing most. 

A demain (sorry, no French keyboard)...when we get back to the good stuff - food!


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