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31 Day Blog Challenge - Day Twenty Six

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day Twenty Six

Day Twenty Six - Five Favourite Blogs

The best way to make your blog better is by reading other blogs. These day's I'm a fan of Lifestyle and Fashion blogs. Years ago when I wrote Mommy X (my previous blog) I used to pour over Mommy blogs. Yummy Mummy Club was my favourite and still browse it occasionally.  I definitely appreciate the odd post about teenagers, and how to survive having one...or two, but I mostly focus my time on what I like to write about now. 

In no particular order, these are the blogs that I frequent. I think they all have great content and are visually pleasing. The way a blog looks is very important to me. Even though some of the ladies who write these extremely successful blogs are MUCH younger than me - I'm still inspired by them. Take a look for yourself...but don't forget to come back to Glimmer. :)

This Renegade Love - A Toronto based Lifestyle blog written by the very charming and smart millennial  Lauren McPhillips. This site and Lauren's Instagram are go-to's for me. @thisrenegadelove 

Damsel In Dior - An LA based Fashion and Lifestyle blog written by Jacey Duprie who is a doppleganger for Tory Burch - lucky girl. She also has a fab Instagram @damselindior and a new Podcast on iTunes called 'Damsel in Dio'r - obvi. For me Jacey is at the top of the heap of fashion bloggers. 

Gracie Carroll - Another great Toronto based fashion/lifestyle  blog. Gracie has a strong background in magazines and PR and that comes across in her blog.  @graciecarroll

Cupcakes & Cashmere - Another LA based blog by Emily Schuman. This is a great overall fashion/lifestyle/beauty blog. Emily became a mother a couple of years ago and I totally appreciated that she didn't turn into a Mommy Blogger - which is always a fear after a young blogger has a baby.  Her daughter Sloan is adorable and but never shoved down your throat. This is a compliment - Emily stuck to her mission.  Cupcakes & Cashmere has a fashion line (I have a couple of pieces from it) and two books in publication. This is more than just a's a lifestyle.  @cupcakesandcashmere

Atelier Dore - formerly Garance Dore. Also a lifestyle (how many lifestyles can I possibly try to emulate?), Garance Dore is the ultimate fashion blogger. Garance started building her blogging 'empire' back in 2006. She has all the French girl savvy in the world - I'm jealous. @atelierdore @garancedore

Five more days baby....have an awesome weekend ~ but don't leave Glimmer hanging'! Click back soon. 



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