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31 Day Blog Challenge - Day Twelve

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day Twelve

Day Thirteen - Favourite QuoteDay Twelve - If I won the lottery...

Hands down this is the worst question of the 31 questions. Actually I don't like the bucket list question either, but I don't have to worry about that until Day 29. But this question is about money and money is tricky. If I'm honest and tell you what I would really do if I won the lottery, I risk sounding like a complete bitch, which I'm not.  But if I lie and tell you I'd donate it ALL to charity, I risky sounding like some kind of pollyanna, which I'm also not. This statement also has A LOT of grey area. How much money? I think that would make a huge difference about what I would do with the winnings if it was one million dollars versus one hundred million. So for the sake of today, let's say I won 10 million dollars. It's a nice, round sounding number...don'tcha think? 

The first thing that comes to mind (beside giving to charity - I'll get there) is buying some sort of vacation property. I'm a little torn about where it would be. Living in Southern Ontario, one might naturally thing of Muskoka and that might be a consideration. But I LOVE the Niagara region and it's my secret passion (not anymore) to own a home on Lake Ontario in Niagara On The Lake. It's nice and close to Toronto and you wouldn't have to deal with any cottage country traffic. Or maybe I would buy a gorgeous mid century modern home in Palm Springs. I saw a few incredible ones when I was there a year ago - they certainly got the wheels turing in my head. I wouldn't spend my entire lottery winnings on a second home though. Maybe half...that's decent, right? So now I have another 5 million burning a hole in my pocket. I know it would be very important for me to hire full time care for my mother who resides in a long term care home. She suffers from Dementia and I'd love to be able to make her as comfortable as possible. Not that's she isn't comfortable now, but I'd love for her to have twenty-four hour care and for my brother and I not have to worry at all about her. Sweet right? I actually wish I could do this now and thinking about it makes me let's move on. Next I would likely give a little and invest a little. I can't say how much because I don't want anyone knocking on my door if I do win. Oh...and lastly, I wouldn't let my husband quit his job! 

Off to buy my lottery ticket.

Til tomorrow...


P.S. I never buy lottery tickets, like ever.

P.S.S. According to Money Sense Magazine, here are the five things you should do - just in case you do win:

1. Don't make any decisions right away. (But I suppose you could decide between Muskoka or Palm Springs).

2. Learn to say "NO." (Fuck off probably works too - and quicker).

3. Seek a financial advisor who deals in high net worth clients. (Need a number...I know a good one.) ;)

4. Think long term first. (Not necessarily long term care long).

5. Create a budget. (I've always hated that word).


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