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Dear Glimmer...

Dear Glimmer...

Dear Glimmer,

Last year you helped me with a fashion issue for my 50th birthday. I followed your advice and looked amazing. So many compliments and I felt super sexy!! 

I need your help again. I'm travelling to New Orleans for a weekend getaway for my husbands 50th, we are going mid April. I want to have a new wardrobe so that I can "wow" him while we are away. 

Any suggestions on some outfits and where to shop? I am a curvy girl and want to look less curvy. 


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Dear Back Again.

First let me start off by saying that I love that you felt "super sexy" on your big night. I think it's outstanding when a woman can own her beauty and sex appeal, and flaunt it with confidence. Huge congrats to you girl!

Now, on to your husband's big birthday weekend in New Orleans. I wish I could give you a whole new wardrobe in this little column, but alas I can't, so I'll start with a couple of basic evening outfits that are cute and sexy and you're sure to have a good time in. 

I'm a staunch advocate of not reinventing the wheel when it comes to great, easy to wear outfits. I always suggest (for every body type) a great slim pant and a cute top. These are just the basics of a fab outfit and something you'll be able to wear again and again. If you were to peek into my closet, you would see loads of skinny jeans and pants, and rows of flowy tops. You cannot fail an outfit with this combination...even if you are heavier on the bottom. A slim legged pant with no pattern, I repeat no pattern...looks great every time.  I went a little out of my own comfort zone for you (above) and worked in a cute, springy yellow pant. I think yellow looks fab with chambray, and the off the shoulder look adds just enough sexiness to the outfit. Let all eyes go to a great (but comfy - because I'm going to assume there's going to be dancing involved) shoes. A high wedge is just what Glimmer orders (see below). 

White skinny pants or jeans are a must for spring/summer/fall - I've felt this way for years. Pair them with a fun and flowy top for another sweet but sexy look. I want your pants/jeans to be tight and hug all your fabulous curves. If you choose a plain but flowy blouse, make sure you bring along some great statement necklaces. Keep the attention on your gorgeous shoes and your sexy décolletage. 

My final suggestion would to be make an appointment at Melmira for a private lingerie fitting. As all women know, men are all about what's going on under our fabulous outfit. Pick a few pretty bra and panty sets (matching is something we often neglect - but it's so important) and a slinky, body hugging negligee. Happy Birthday to him!!!

Have a amazing time in New Orleans...send me a pic! 



                                          Slim cropped pant from White House/Black Market

                                    Baby yellow slim cropped pant from White House/Black Market

Cross Front Nordstrom.jpg

                                                    Cross Front Blouse from Nordstrom

                                                          Off the Shoulder blouse from Shopbop

Kaely espadrille wedge.jpg

                                               Joie (one of my favourite lines)

                                          Kaelyn Espadrille Wedge from Nordstrom

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Spring One of a Kind Show

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