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One Coat...

One Coat...

If by some horrific chance my husband said to me "Vicki, you have too many coats in your closet, pick one to keep and donate the rest." First, let's be realistic - I would die, and then I would choose the long camel coat.  I picked up mine last year at Zara  and in the fall and early winter it definitely becomes the first pick out of the closet. Toss it over tights, jeans, dress pants, dresses or skirts - this is the coat that will take you from the gym to coffee to the office. It's classic elegance will never fail you. And don't we all need at least one thing in our life we can count on? 

Here are some of my favourite camel coat looks - all from Pinterest obvi. 


                                    Love this simple look - basically my fall uniform. 


                                                          Double came - go for it!


                          Instantly elegant - with a gorgeous bag as the perfect accessory!



                                             For evening...stunning over an LBD.


Ally McGraw my have been off base with her "love means never having to say you're sorry" quote from Love Story in the 1970's - but her coat is right on point! 

Five Things...

Five Things...

Lather Up!

Lather Up!