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Rest Those Tired Eyes

Rest Those Tired Eyes

Whenever I lie down for a nap (which is often) lavender scented eye pillow is never far. And if it is, I'll get up and get it - it's that important to me that my eyes get their optimal rest during this time.  You might feel that an eye pillow is a luxury, but this small pillow usually filled with soothing flax and lavender or chamomile can be a beneficial companion for more than simply blocking the light. Often used in savasana (final relaxation in a yoga practice) an eye pillow can greatly reduce feelings of stress and fatigue in your eyes. The flax seed (or buckwheat) filling applies gentle acccupressure and relieves tension from not just your eyes but your forehead, temples and even your neck and shoulders. The soothing scent calms and rests your monkey mind (the mind that won't stop working) and helps you sleep. I love putting one of my pillows in the freezer for when I have a headache - the cool weight on my eyes immediately relieves tension.  The pillow is also a welcome respite when your eyes are fatigued from too much screen exposure. Even a five minute rest will bring much needed relief to your baby blues. 

If you're looking to add an eye pillow to your savasana or rest time, my best friend and yoga instructor KC has made me the very best pillows in the most adorable fabrics filled with flax and lavender. They are only $20 each and make a great gift for yourself or someone you love.  I have a limited quantity in the fabrics shown below. If you're interested, please email me at and I would be happy to bring one (or two) of these beauties into  your life. 



                                     Left to Right: Dark Green, Light Green, Lavender 


                            Left to Right: Grey Pattern, Mid-Century Forest, Sleepy Foxes

UPDATE: Dark Green SOLD OUT! One Light Green left. 

Back...for a hot minute...

Back...for a hot minute...

Best in LBD

Best in LBD