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Lather Up!

Lather Up!

Are you a bar person or a body wash person? We're a house divided. I like a generous squirt of body wash on a big puff and my hus prefers to lather up with a good ol' bar of soap. Thankfully over the years I've managed to switch him over from Lever 2000 to some of better brands that don't melt in the soap dish after one use and contain less (or no) chemicals.  His skin has thanked me (and so has he). I love my body washes. Sometimes I have two or three on the go. There are days I feel like a need a hit of peppermint in the morning to wake me up or some days I like the soothing scent like lavender. I find this aromatherapy really set's the tone for my day. A hot shower with the right scent can be a powerful thing. 

When possible, I try to only buy all natural soaps and have found some awesome brands. Not only are they great for keeping the chemicals off your body, but as with all 'all natural' products we're also keeping those chemicals from going down our drains and into our waterways. Both good reasons to make the switch in case you haven't. Here are 'our' top picks (because let's face it...he did most of the testing) for the best bar soaps.


The Body Shop has been using vegan ingredients and not testing on animals since 1976. A real pioneer in the safe beauty industry. I love the fragrance of the Shea Butter soap, it's clean and soothing and stays gently on the body for at least a few hours after your shower.  This bar is also highly request by my son as well as the coconut and olive scents. They are 'manly' after all. 

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So when I do use a bar...Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Pure Castile Bar Soap is an amazing pick me up.  This is definitely a 'good for you' all natural bar that last forever. I find this bar dries out nicely after the shower and that's the key to a lasting bar. Don't ever let your bar sit in a dish of water - this is what causes it to go mushy and soft. 

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I really love these all natural, small batch bars that look like they've just been lobbed off a giant block of soap.   The fragrance of choice from Buck Naked Soap Company is Shea and French Green Clay. This vegan brand is made in Canada (love) and is super moisturizing.  My hus doesn't moisturize after a shower like I do, so it's important that he use a soap that keeps his skin hydrated and smooth. FYI this soap contains nut oils, so stay clear if you have any nut allergies. 

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I discovered Crate 61 another Canadian brand of small batch soap while at the Canadian National Exhibition this year.  The packaging is so super cute I couldn't tear myself away. I bought six bars that came packaged in the cutest little reycycled cardboard crate. What a fab gift this would be. Yummy fragrances like Coconut and Avocado Grapefruit are used in these cold pressed all natural soaps. 

One Coat...

One Coat...

Smithery Style

Smithery Style