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Best in LBD

Best in LBD

As holiday season quickly approaches, so does party season and the search for the perfect party outfit. An LBD (Little Black Dress - for the one person who didn't know what the acronym stood for)  is simplest and chicest solution for every soiree. I don't know a single person who doesn't look good in black. Half my closet is black - it's my favourite colour and I would probably wear it everyday if it didn't appear that I was in perpetual mourning. Well I am mourning my youth...but that's another post all together. I've rounded up some cute LBD's for you to consider and I've even offered a range in prices - you're welcome!

Office to Evening 

For the working ladies out there who find themselves rushing to a party post 5 p.m. - here are dresses that you can wear during the day and then add a statement necklace, earrings and your highest Louboutins to take you into the evening. Remember - simple is elegant!

Ann Taylor LBD 1.jpg

Lantern Sleeve Flare Dress from Ann Taylor - $172.00

This gorgeous dress is a classic. Toss your hair up and add a statement necklace and you will be comfortable and timeless. Also available in the sexiest red, but then it would be a LRD!

Ann Taylor LBD 2.jpg

Ruched Sleeve Sheath Dess from Ann Taylor - $172.00

I'm all about those 3/4 ruched sleeves! Let's add bracelet with a ton of sparkle and some statement earring to this one. The knee length screams out for you highest bring them on and dull the pain of your sore feet with an extra glass of wine!

Nordstrom LBD.jpg

Karen Kane Scalloped Lace Sheath Dress from Nordstrom - $157.00

I can hear you now. "I can't wear a lace dress to the office...who is she kidding?" I'm actually kidding anyone. Toss your black jacket over this incredible lace dress and you can wear it for day. This is sexy, yet demure all at the same time...I love it. Bracelet only for this dress! 

Life of the Party 

It's Saturday night and you have all day to prep yourself for your party! You'll kill it in any one of these cute choices. 

Simons LBD 1.jpg

Dotted Frill Dress from Simons - $49.00

I know this dress won't be for everyone...but it is for me, and it is my blog so just indulge me for a moment. I'm picturing messy chic updo and tiny jewellery. Boho sexy ALL THE WAY! Ok, I'm done! :)

Simons LBD 3.jpg

Satiny Bare Shoulder Dress from Simon's - $59.00

Personally I'm off bare shoulder/cold shoulder/showing my shoulders. But it's still very popular, so I thought I would include this simple style from Simon's because I think it would work as a tunic with jean too! Dual it! 

Nordstrom LBD 2.jpg

Eileen Fisher Velvet Wrap Dress from Nordstrom - $504.00

Here's another dress that will remain a classic in your closet. Velvet cozy and comfortable - yet it screams holidays!  I would pair this with a big pearly statement necklace. So gorgeous! High boots would look great with it too. Indulge yourself with this piece! 

P.S. The fabulous LBD illustration above is from Anum Triq. Her fashion prints are available to purchase on Etsy

Bonus Boho...just because!

nordstrom lbd 3.jpg
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