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Five Things...

Five Things...

You need because winter is coming...

1.  A Lightweight Puffer Vest - A puffer vest is the essential piece that takes you from fall to winter. It's perfect for layering and can be worn over AND under pieces you already own. I love the sheen of a lightweight vest layered under your camel coat (just an example ;) ). It might become the most versatile piece in your wardrobe - so invest in one you love and you'll have for many years to come. 

2.  Pom Pom Hat - Just because they're super cute. I hated wearing hats when I was little, or even as a teenager. Now, as soon as it gets chilly - there's a hat on my head and it sometimes stays there until I go to be. Ask my husband...he'll tell you.  I have made the mistake of buying a pom pom hat and not trying it on in the past.  Don't do this. Hat's can be tight, loose or just right depending on the size of your head. A toques are generally made one size - but that size might not be your size. I have super fine hair and I find that if my hat is too tight - it flattens my hair out and I get a headache (talk about sensitive eh?). So try it on before you buy it. 


                   I know all my 'hockey mom' friends will love this cute toque from Indigo

3. A Great Moisturizer - As you know I subscribe to the church of 'better beauty' so obviously my suggestion for a moisturizer is going be from a brand like Beautycounter or Goop Beauty (now available at The Dextox Market - and completely luscious).  But regardless of what brand you choose to use - use it liberally and use it often now that the air is crisp. If you spend time doing outdoor activities in the winter months, exposed skin can quickly become red and chapped. Apply a thin coat of moisturizer (as a barrier) right before going out to do your activities. And remember to keep using your SPF, just because it's not hot outside doesn't mean the UV rays aren't damaging. If you happen to use Dermalogica (which I know a lot of you still do - not judging) try their Barrier Repair.  I always used this before skiing!

4. Mittens - I'm a total mitten convert. Sometimes I think that the heat just doesn't travel to my fingertips and gloves just don't do the trick for me. Mittens have been my saviour.  There are so many super choices for cute mitts. Right now I'm loving the  Heart Collection from Preloved  - they make a fab gift too. 



5. Lip Scrub - I know you want smooth kissable lips...we all do, but the cold weather is not a friend to your sensitive lips. I suggest you try an exfoliating lip scrub to slough away dead bits from your lips. Ilia Beauty's Balmy Nights Lip Care is made with organic ingredients including teeny tiny granules of volcanic stone to leave you super soft. And let this be your friendly reminder to stop licking your lips - it adds to the dryness. Liberally apply a lip balm before applying your lipstick and going outside. xo. 



Best in LBD

Best in LBD

One Coat...

One Coat...