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2017 - Comin' in Hot!

2017 - Comin' in Hot!

Happy New Year!

I'm back and thrilled to bring you more Glimmer for a brand New Year. I had a busy break finishing off the first course in my Retail Buying Certificate, but definitely ready to start the second course at the end of the month. I'm going to brag for half a second and tell you that I ended with an 88%...not too bad for a 'mature student'! I have to say, it felt great to click 'submit' on the final exam. But now...I'm so eager to get back to blogging, back to Glimmer! Are you ready for fabulous new year? I let's roll!

On January 1st I posted my 'goals' - not resolutions, to my Instagram. Nothing crazy, pretty simple and all to do with living a better, cleaner and dare I say leaner life (I don't mean weight...but more on that in an upcoming post). Have you had a chance to think about your intentions for the year? Do you write them down? We're ten days in...are you working at them? 

Well on top of my 'intentions', I have a few awesome 'things' that  I want to bring into the New Year with me. These are my necessities for a great start. 

Day Planner

I started using a paper calendar again last September when I started my course. I haven't been this effective and organized since I stopped using one when I pick up a smart phone. I LOVE PAPER AND PENCIL. Call me old, antiquated or old skool, but I don't care! I love looking my week or the month ahead on a big, giant page. I leave it open on my kitchen island and it's filled with all the most important things going on in my life, including important words or inspiration and motivation. 

Swell Water Bottle

Ok so, a Swell bottle was in my Glimmer Gift Guide and in my Leaside Holiday Gift Guide in Leaside I'm just putting it out there one more time because it's so important to me. I always have it with me... beside me, in my bag. Water is essential to a beautiful body (and gorgeous skin). It aids in digestion and waste elimination (gross, I know - but fact). It controls your body temperature and is brimming with electrolytes and minerals. It's essential to every organ in your body. I like mine cold with ice, but I've heard that it's not the best for I'm working up to drinking it room temperature. Get yourself a Swell, fill it up and drink up. 

Think Dirty App

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As I creep (slowly) towards 50, I'm getting more conscious about what I put IN my body, but also what I put ON my body.  Think Dirty is an App created to help you 'identify potential risks associated with personal care product.s'. My girlfriend introduced it to me just recently, as I've been check out the rating of products I use daily ever since. Think Dirty's "Dirty Meter" rates products on as scale of 1-10 based on Carcinogenicity, Development and Reproductive Toxicity, Allergenicity and Immunotoxicity.  Does this mean I've run out and changed all of the products I use on a daily basis? No, I haven't done that. But it has made me more aware of what I'm using, and as those products run out, I will look for safer alternatives. Well, maybe except for the Treseme Hair Spray that I love and holds just right, even though it's Dirty Meter rating is 9..yikes!

Beautycounter Rosewater Mist


In my first effort to use safer beauty products, I've switched my skincare regimen to the Beautycounter Line. I'll be going into greater depth with Beautycounter in future posts, but suffice to say I love that it's free of 1500 questionable or harmful chemicals. The Rosewater Mist is a fresh toning spray that I use after cleansing, but before my serum and moisturizer. If you think of your skin as a sponge, when it's dry it can't absorb as well as when it's moist. When a sponge is dry, it's hard and rough but when wet, it absorbs more effectively. When you mist your face with a toner, you're setting the stage for the next steps. It allows your moisturizer to really do its job. I love the clean, fresh fragrance and also use a quick spritz if I'm feeling a bit sluggish in the afternoon. It's a nice, natural wake-up!

These black Nike runners were my 'go to' shoes in 2016, and they are coming along for 2017.  No kidding! I bet I wear these everyday at some point. I wear them them in the snow, rain, sun...whatever the weather. I wear them to Pilates, to the grocery store, perfect for planes, to dinner (no joke - so cute with leather leggings and a big sweater). Now, I get that if you work in an office, this might not be the perfect footwear for you. But if you're like me and you work from in your black boots, or your black flats (keep your black flip flops) for a sleek back/white runner. So fab!




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