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Bathroom Vanity Makeover - Before

Bathroom Vanity Makeover - Before

I introduced you to Robyn Israel (organizer extradinaire) in last Friday's post. My purse has never been so neat and organized. Today I needed my sunglasses...and guess where they were?  They were in their case, in my purse. That made me very happy!  But now Robyn has been assigned a taller order of organization. My bathroom vanity. The vanity itself looks neat and tidy enough.  I try to keep the top free of too many products, but as soon as you open the doors and drawers - a house of horrors comes spilling out. Robyn took some measurements and will set to work on making my vanity as organized as it is pretty. 

Here are some more before shots. I did not mess this up or add anything. This is what it actually looks like.

So obviously, drains and pipes limit the working area. But apparently Robyn has a few tricks up her sleeve. I was very smart and put drawers in the vanity of my boys bathroom. Much easier to stay organized that way. (Secret: my boys love product too...don't tell them I told you). If you look closely - you'll see four cans of hairspray!

This is under the other sink aka, my husbands side. He doesn't really keep much in here.

Three drawers...all filled with stuff. 

Top drawer. Robyn complimented me for sharing nicely with my husband. :)

I do keep a few things on the counter top. Mostly my Beautycounter Skin Care. 

Can't wait to show you the after shots when Robyn is all done! 

Bathroom Vanity Makeover - After

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