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Purse Perfect

Purse Perfect

Let's imagine the purse fairies came along one night and replaced all your bags with see-through or lucite (like above) bags. How would you feel? Would you quickly toss out all the old receipts, crumpled up tissue and gum wrappers? Most of us would. I can't say I have the most organized purse, but on occasion when I'm switching bags I do a good 'purse purge' and I definitely feel better. I often find myself rooting through my bag for glasses, keys or a pen. So an organized purse = and organized mind. :)

Yesterday I had a great meeting with Robyn Israel from in it's place, a professional  home organization company. Luckily, Robyn likes to keep organized in all areas of her life, not just her home. She gave me some tips on how to keep our purses organized. 

Robyn suggests carrying only essential items in your purse including:

  • Wallet (obvi, but that's another organizational post).
  • Utility Case - This includes pens, earbuds and office essentials. Truth be told, for many of us our purse is our portable office. 
  • Phone
  • Sunglasses and glasses - in their case! I'm so guilty of tossing my reading glasses and sunglasses into my purse without the case. This so such a bad a idea and can lead to scratches on the lenses and damages. 
  • Personal Case - This includes lipsticks, small brush, tissue, breath mints, band-aid and polysporin, and Ibuprofen. 

That's it. That's all. You do not need to carry your entire Kardashian make-up kit with you. Truth! Find a bag that's neatly fits all the items above. Don't try to overstuff a small bag because you think it looks cute, you'll only get frustrated when you need to find something.  Keep small bags for an evening out. At the end of the day, do a quick clean out to remove and receipts or wrappers. 

Here are some cute cases you can use for utility or personal items. All are available at Indigo in store and online. 

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Dear Glimmer....

Dear Glimmer....