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Do you ever read a quote, tweet or meme that particularly resonates with you? Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and pretty much all social media is brimming with motivational messages. I'm certainly no stranger to posting them on my social media, but the above tweet from @LalahDelia has been particularly powerful for me since the New Year.  I posted it to my Instagram on January 4th with the following caption "Who is going to make your 2017 squad? Are all worthy of the journey with you?" Just think on that for a moment. Is EVERYONE in your life worthy of the journey you set forth on January 1st? Who really deserves a spot in your squad? 

Ask yourself these questions:

Who unconditionally supports you?

Who doesn't judge you?

Who lifts you up?

Who gives you their time? 

Who is honest with you?  I mean really honest!

Who praises you?

Who has your back?

Who would fight for you?

Who calls you?

Who texts you?

Who emails you?

And most importantly...who can you call at 2 a.m. if you need someone?  (Thanks for that one ES.) 

So...who's in your squad? 

Choose wisely. 


Purse Perfect

Purse Perfect

Joe Active for Spring!

Joe Active for Spring!