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Dear Glimmer...

Dear Glimmer...

Dear Glimmer,

I've pulled all of my fall/winter clothes out of storage and need a few on trend pieces to inject some life into my wardrobe. Do you have any suggestions that will make heads turn when I walk into a room this season?


Want to Turn Heads


Dear Head Turner...

I'm back to help you with your Fall fashion quandary and I promise you, heads will not only turn...but you might even get a smile or two.  

When researching fashion trends for Fall 2016, I came across many runway styles that I don't feel would translate very well into the "real girl's" wardrobe. So I did a little picking, choosing and sifting though the high fashion melnage and came with my Top Picks for Fall 2016. 

1. Velvet - This was a big look on runways, but not necessarily one everyone wants to integrate into their wardrobe. I've seen so many velvet boots I could totally go the rest of my life with seeing another pair and be completely fine with it. Not the place I would put my money. I would however buy a nice velvet jacket (blazer) in a rich jewel tone like burgundy, dark purple or even super chic emerald. Or if you're a purist...stick with black, it always works and can definitely be dressed up or down. It's no secret I love a cute graphic tee under a jacket. 

2. Shades of Camel or Tan - I'm obsessed with camel and tan. I think it just looks so gorgeous with black pants, jeans, name it. I'm thrilled to see it everywhere for fall. Buy a beautiful camel cashmere sweater or wrap and I promise you'll wear it all fall and winter. Camel also looks superb with both silver and gold accessories.

3. Menswear Inspired Shoes - Love this trend because I love loafers. One day I will treat myself to the ultimate loafer...the Gucci Jordan Leather Loafer. This shoe will never go out of style, not even when the menswear trends passes. In the mean time there are plenty of fab loafers to choose from and if you love a lace shoe instead, go with a cute Brogue instead.

4. Romantic Ruffles - If you're thinking of adding a blouse to your wardrobe, choose one with ruffles or an oversized bow around neck. Anything that hides the neck is a good idea. I love the Pleated Chiffon Tie Neck Blouse from Michael Kors. This is a great pick for both work and casual if double duty is the way you need to go. Definitely a head-turner. 

5. Suede - This one is so tough for me because I'm not a huge fan of suede boots, but I love a suede bag and recently treated myself to a suede bucket bag in camel - two trends in one hot item. Suede scares me a little because I have difficulty caring for it if gets wet or dirty, but I do think it looks super chic. Suede booties are all the pick a great pair in camel, black or even army green, but don't wear them if it's wet. 

Have fun shopping...!!!



Certified Glimmerous...Hazel Lily Designer Consignment

Certified Glimmerous...Hazel Lily Designer Consignment

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Finding Extraordinary