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Travel Diary - Washington, DC - Georgetown

Travel Diary - Washington, DC - Georgetown

Georgetown Homes

So I'm back from playing Claire Underwood, and it was fabulous!  It's a understatement to say I loved Washington, DC. The city is absolutely gorgeous. I was particularly struck with how overflowing with young, fabulous people it was. Everyone is physically fit and looks like they just left the gym.  There's a Soul Cycle on every corner and the gym in our hotel offered yoga, pilates and barre classes in an awesome little studio.  If you're not in workout wear at morning're out of place. I loved it. And I fit in, well kinda sorta...I had yoga wear down, but I'm not exactly in my twenties anymore.  And obviously I left the reformer back in Leaside. But I can assure you, had I inquired with Siri or the concierge - they would have found me a reformer class within blocks of the hotel. ;)

We stayed at the Fairmont in Georgetown, just outside downtown DC. It's an awesome historic neighbourhood running along the Potomac river overflowing with amazing restaurants, shopping and some of the pretties homes I've seen. Every morning I would stroll to Baked & Wired (GTown's hottest independent coffee shop) pick up my iced coffee (way too hot for hot coffee) and saunter through the gorgeous streets. Washington is a very walkable city and in four days I managed to rack up 71,000 steps (optimal for women is 10k a day). No joke. Who needs the reformer right? Holy leg work out!  

Many of the homes in historic Georgetown date back to the early 1800's. They are, for the most part, meticulously maintained by it's well heeled residents. President Kennedy lived in Georgetown while he was a Senator, and in fact he went to his Inauguration from his home on N Street. Currently John Kerry and Madeline Albright call Georgetown home. 

The homes of Georgetown are not to be missed on a trip to Washington DC. Here is a taste of what you'll see. 

Many of the townhouses sit behind security walls like this one. The little doors are so charming. 

This home - Hughes House was one of my favourites. The historical plaque dates it at 1859 and it belonged to Charles Evans Hughes - Chief Justice of the United States from 1910-1916. 

I love the historical blue homes.  Flags fly everywhere in this neighbourhood. 

Next in the 5 Reasons - Washington series, Georgetown Shopping. 

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