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Six Steps to Soft Sexy Legs!

Six Steps to Soft Sexy Legs!

Today after my shower I noticed a patch of small red bumps on my legs. It's shorts season...quelle horreur!!! Whatever could have caused this unsightly rash? I'm blessed with very little hair on my legs, but I still run a razor over them daily in the shower. Guess what? My razor was completely dull and clogged up, and it had taken it's wrath out on my legs. :(  Ladies, you do not want this happening to you, so I've come up with some easy tips to ensure your legs are sexy smooth all summer. 



Before shaving your legs, lightly exfoliate in the shower to remove dead, dry skin. This will also ensure that your razor is working effectively to shave off hair, not dead skin. I like to shave my legs last so that the skin is nice and soft and the pores are open. Open pores equal a good close shave. This is important for guys too. :)


Invest in a good razor and change it often. This was my mistake. I like the Venus Swirl Razor - available at most pharmacies. It has a five blade system, so no hairs get left behind, as well as a pivoting head which is great for over the knee area. It also has a nice girl handle to prevent slipping. 


Do not use soap or body wash to shave your legs. I know it's way more convenient to grab the bar, but your legs will thank you if you use either a shaving cream/gel or even better an all natural product like coconut oil. Coconut oil is fab for shaving. Keep a jar in the shower and apply a small amount to the legs. If the coconut oil has hardened, run the jar under the shower water to warm it up.  The coconut oil also doubles as a moisturizer, so your legs will come out soft and smooth.



Shave against the hair...I know this is simple, but I thought I would mention it just in case. Glide the sharp razor lightly over your legs going against the growth. Do not shave over the same are multiple times, you shouldn't need to if you are using a good razor. If you have's time to pitch the razor and start with fresh blades. 


Rinse off the shave cream/gel or coconut oil with warm water and gently pat your legs dry. You don't want to be rough or you may cause irritation.


If needed, apply a layer of moisturizer (definitely if you used a shave cream/gel) and SPF if you are spending the day in the sun. If you do find some red bumps coming up, try a layer of aloe vera gel or cream. 

How often should you change your razor blades:

If you shave daily...every 1-2 weeks.

If you shave every second day...every 2-3 weeks.

If you shave twice a week...every 4-6 weeks. 

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