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Top Gifts for Dad

Top Gifts for Dad

You have fallen into a mushy puddle of "oooohhhs and aahhhhs," and maybe even a big OMG - haven't you? Before you ask, yes I know the darling baby girl and the baby daddy. They are both lovely.  But now ladies, let's turn our attention to the men in our own lives.  Father's day is upon us and and while I don't normally give much time to the boys on Glimmer, I've complied a short list of some fun gifts you might consider for the big day. Don't worry, I left the Ford F-150 off the list - this time! After all, every Dad needs a 4x4 at least once in his life. :)

Hockey Dad

Gong Show Canadian Hockey Hat.jpg

Gong Show brand has become synonymous with fun athletic style. We have several of their hats floating around the house.  I particularly like this one because of the play on the state flag of California and I love California. You can be sure that any hockey dad would be thrilled to sport this cap all summer. After all if he's a Canadian hockey dad, he's a beaut.   $39.99

Outdoorsy Dad

Whether he's outside working in the garden or riding 50K on a Saturday morning, your dad need's to protect his skin from the damaging rays of the sun. Enter Khiel's Facial Fuel sunscreen. Lightweight, fragrance free and full of good things like caffeine, and vitamins C & E to energize his skin. Caffeine? Sign me up! $43.00

Golf Dad

The Arccos GPS and Stat Tracking System tracks and analyzes your daddy's golf game as if he was on the PGA tour. A lightweight sensor attaches to the end of his club and send all the swing info back to his phone. One catch, if your Daddy is still using a Blackberry you need get him out the Flintstone age and pick him up an iPhone. This tracker's app is only available in the App Store. Actually you should just get him an iPhone anyway. ! File that under Tech Dad. $299

Grill Dad

It seems BBQing isn't just about flipping a few burgers and hotdogs and more. Apparently you have to be 'smart' about it. Enter iGrill, it's keep track of your grilling temperature via your smart phone. The app for the iGrill is available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play, so the Blackberry Dad can still channel his inner caveman while he's grilling with technology. $99.99

Ski Dad

And finally we have Ski Dad...the one who's antsy all summer because he's not out on the slopes. Well pick him a pair of these Dragon - APS Frameless ski googles and pacify him for a month or so.  Patented frameless technology will give him the clearest view of the hill and Swiftlock gives him the ability to change lenses faster than ever. And they look super fly.  $270


Photo of baby and daddy from Deanna Roberts Photography 905-957-2830




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