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Dear Glimmer...

Dear Glimmer...

Dear Glimmer,

I went out shopping for sunglasses on the weekend but so confused by myriad of choices that I walked out of the store without anything. I'm not sure what looks good on me or what I should be looking for in a good pair of sunglasses. Can you help?




Dear Squinty,

I love sunglasses. I wear them 365 days a year regardless of the weather. I need them in bright sunshine and in glaring snow. It's a very rare occasion that you'll see me outside without them. And chances are if they're not on's probably raining. 

I'm a die hard Ray Ban Aviator fan, but I understand they aren't for everyone. To really understand sunglasses I turned an expert, Dennis at  The Eye Studio @eyestudioto on Mount Pleasant.  I met Dennis when I went looking for a fab pair of reading glasses. The Eye Studio was on The Best Eyeglasses in Toronto list on BLOG TO, and the shop was super close to me, so I gave it a try.  Dennis obviously knew I had an affinity for Jenna Lyons, because the first pair of Salt Optics glasses he handed me were the winning pair. I loved them, they are perfect and now I can't read without them.  So I took a stroll over to The Eye Studio and asked Dennis some questions.

1. Is there a correct sunglass style for the shape of your face?

There are general rules for what styles go best with what face shape.  However, our philosophy here is that these rules don't always apply because everyone's face and style are so unique.  We work hard with you to find frames that fit both your style and your face shape.

2. What is the best lens for sun protection?

All sunglasses should have 100% UVA and UVB protection.

3. What is a "polarized" lense and why is it important?

All sunglass lenses should provide 100% UV protection.  Polarized lenses cut out horizontal glare, which means they block light that is reflecting off a surface.  Polarized lenses are extremely beneficial if you are doing water activities since they cut out the glare from the water.  However, keep in mind that polarized lenses can also be undesirable in activities such as skiing and golf, when you would need to see high levels of contrast.  Polarized lenses will also make it diffictult to view LED and LCD screens.

4. Does the tint of the glasses make a difference?

Yes - Obviously, the darker the tint, the less light transmission.  However, the colour of the tint also plays a big role.  Aside from personal preference, certain colours can be ideal for certain activites.  For example, brown or rose lenses are ideal for golfing because they enhance the contrast between the ball and the grass.  Come see us to discuss what will work best for you and your lifestyle.

5. What is trendy and bestselling right now?

Round shapes are making a huge comeback.  We love it when there is a modern twist to this classic shape.  


Hope this helps...



P.S. Tomorrow I'll bring you my tops picks from my favourite brand of glasses Salt Optics