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Dear Glimmer

Dear Glimmer

Dear Glimmer,

I'm leaving for a beach vacation and I always come home with a suitcase full of clothes I didn't wear. Can you suggest some basics that might get me through the week without over packing, while helping me avoid the uber embarrassing "luggage over weight limit" fiasco at the airport. 


Over The Limit


Dear Over The Limit're preaching to the choir. I have yet to master "packing light" and instead pack for every possible scenario that may present itself during the course of my week away.  I truly wish I was one of those girls that could throw a couple of bikini's and cover-ups into a carry-on and fly through the airport. Sadly, I'm not.  But what I have mastered is weighing my bag before I leave the house. My Heys  xScale Pro has never steered me wrong.  I pack what I want to take and then edit as per the weight restriction. I'm sorry, I know that's really no help at all., but packing is really not my area of expertise. If I were to take a guess at how one might pack lighter, then I might roughly follow the guideline above. I couldn't even edit past four pairs of shoes and suggest multiplying everything by at least two.

Happy Vacation!



P.S. Glimmer is also on vacay, taking a two week break from blogging. If you would like peek at what I'm up to, follow my adventure on Instagram @glimmerlife.  




Dear Glimmer...

Dear Glimmer...

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