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Glimmer's Gift Guide - Day Six

Glimmer's Gift Guide - Day Six

Barcelona Shoe Company Ankle Boots and Pumps - $239.00 +

Day six is about buying yourself a gift. I think it's very important at this time of year to treat yourself. ;)  So, today I'm turning the blog over to guest contributor Roxanna and her amazing line of Ankle Boots and Shoes. 



Hectic holiday schedules &, particularly, holiday travel can be especially challenging for women. We need to look polished & can’t wear the same thing inconspicuously day after day, which means packing more than men, who can get away with wearing the same suit & shoes for a couple of days; travelling with just a few shirts & ties in their carry on. 

We’d like to avoid checking suitcases too! 

Here’s our solution: Toronto-based Barcelona Shoe Company has designed ankle boots and pumps with sleek, minimalist lines that work well from holiday brunches to cocktails. They are also engineered & handcrafted to be incredibly comfortable. Fabric uppers stretch to move fluidly with your walk. Memory foam insoles cushion & well-designed heels support your joints. 

More magic happens when you add their line of accessories to the mix. Add Canadian-made fox fur cuffs to an ankle boot to achieve a rich, warm après-ski worthy look. Natural fur scarf and cuffs also transform a wool or packable down coat. Clip on an ankle fascinator for flare. Beautifully made and they fit into a purse or carry-on pocket. 


Barcelona Shoe Co. Story 

My name is Roxana. I head up Barcelona Shoe Company. 

I have a passion for great design and I’ve worked in or on the sidelines of the Fashion industry for over 15 years. 

As I progressed in my career I needed to look polished for work but began to ask more of my apparel. My days & nights were fuller than ever & I wanted shoes that could keep up with my schedule: morning drop-offs, meetings where I had to look the part, running to after-work events. Having worked for Fendi Group, I was looking for great design, wonderful quality and a price point that still felt reasonable. There was a glut of product at the low end that didn’t hit the quality mark, comfortable shoes that didn’t cover style and shoes at the high end that was above the professional woman’s budget. No one shoe seemed versatile enough to cover the spectrum of needs of a quick jaunt to New York, Montreal or Chicago. I aimed to do better. I’m thrilled to say that people took note. In fact, our shoes will even be featured on CityLine this week. 

* Our shoes are designed to be comfortable for the busy lifestyles & long hours of people who live on their feet 

* We make our shoes & accessories by hand of the highest quality materials to ensure excellent durability – our fabric models are even machine-washable

* The clean lines of our designs adapt to multiple situations, making for them ideal for work-to-play 

* We designed our line of accessories (like boot cuffs & ankle fascinators) to dramatically change the look of our boots by simply adding or subtracting an item. This makes packing in just a carry-on a breeze as one shoe or boot can cover the full gambit of business & social situations & an entire new look can be squeezed into a purse. 

* All products are made to the highest ethical standards in North America. Our fur line is farmed & made by master furriers in Quebec

My great, great aunt Benedetta started a tailoring business in bohemian, turn-of-century Barcelona. My great, great uncle, Ricard Canals was best friends with Picasso, whose painting of Benedetta hangs in the Picasso Museum of Barcelona. She was an Italian model and had a great sense of style & is my inspiration, together with the colourful architecture of Barcelona, my mother’s birth city. 

I think back to how my great grandmother ran her business: She made excellent products and her customers swore by her coats. They bought them season after season. She loved building beautiful pieces, enjoyed working with her customers & she valued the people who worked for her. I aspire to be like her. 

I’m proud to say we make shoes & accessories that are good for the people who wear them and good for the people who make them.

Order your's online at Barcelona Shoe Company.


P.S. The Gracia Ankle Boot is my favourite...see me running around in her this Holiday season! 

Glimmer. xo


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