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The journey starts here...

The journey starts here...

Is she really going to write another blog?  Yes...yes she is.  I love to write. But more than that, I love to share. I love sharing things I love, whether it’s fashion or beauty or my love affair with pilates . I love sharing things I find gorgeous, to compliment your home, your spirit, your life. I love to share what I’ve learned through books, TV, movies, the Internet, or even from my kids.  I want to share the moments that make me take a deep, lung filling breath and then exhale it into this insane, magnificent life we have but one chance at living. I want to share it through Glimmer.

Glimmer is… better beauty.

Glimmer is…style.

Glimmer is…wellness.

Glimmer is…home.

Glimmer is...questions.

Glimmer is…answers.

Glimmer life.

Glimmer is…your life.

Glimmer is now…will you join me on the journey?


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Dear Glimmer...

Dear Glimmer...