Recently I Read...

So much sadness in the news that some days I can't even bare to pick up the newspaper or scroll through my Facebook feed. Nevertheless, I have come across some things that you might find interesting to read and useful in your life. 

Beating the Blues

They say April showers bring May flowers. But what happens when April rolls around and your January blahs have morphed into the April blues...with no flowers in sight? You can get seriously down.

Best in Blouse

By definition a blouse is a lightweight, loose fitting garment worn by women. Are you a blouse girl or are you more into the structure of shirt. I like both, but find myself wearing shirts (and sweaters, mostly tee's) more often.

Things for Spring

I love the newness of Spring. New flowers, new grass, new fashion, not necessarily in that order. Picking up a few current things to refresh my wardrobe always puts me in a good mood. I'm definitely a junkie from the serotonin rush I get from shopping.

Current mood...vacation!

It just hit's almost vacay time! I've been so preoccupied with day to day life that I've barely had a moment to think about my upcoming sojourn at the beach.  So this morning I decided I'd start by organizing my sunscreen collection. That's right...collection. I'm a sunscreen hoarder.

Recently I Read...

There's so much information floating around the internet, some of it useful and some it...well, not so much. I can admit that I often get sucked  into the vortex of useless information out there.

Creeping Back's been awhile, eh? 

At the end of December I decided to take some time off from Glimmer and it's associated social media. I was beginning to feel a little overexposed and frankly over myself. Yes that right - over myself.


I spent a leisurely afternoon at the ROM strolling the small, but beautiful Christian Dior Exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum yesterday. The exhibit is a celebration of the 7Oth Anniversary of the House of Dior and contains many pieces worn by Toronto socialites all of which were designed between 1947 and 1957.