Lil' White Sneakers (With your Dress)

Have you ever fought a trend really hard and then one day thought "f&*k it" I'm going there. Well...I'm going there. I'm going 100% in with the dress and sneakers look. It's everywhere on Insta and around every fashionable corner in the city.

Recently I Read...

There's something so wrong, yet so right about sitting on a beach with your computer. Hey, if you have work to do...or just want to do some reading -  just do it, who cares what people think.  

Oh Canada!

Entering this holiday weekend after a super crazy month of June (June is the new December - right?) I've decided to take a moment and think about what being a Canadian means to me and all the things I'm thankful for. 

What We Really Said...

Last night I went to a book signing with Rachel Hollis, lifestyle blogger, mom, author and all round super cool chick. At one point in her talk she mentioned that she only has a high school diploma, no post secondary education and yet here she is, writing a book and getting it done.

Top 5 - Joe Fresh for Summer

I did a quick swing through Joe Fresh the other day and noticed a good selection of several basics that I've written about recently. I always pick up a few Joe pieces each season and this was no exception.

Dear Glimmer

Recently I've been asked a few questions (via email) from readers that I thought I would answer in a single post for you. If you have a beauty, fashion or lifestyle question for me please send it to 

You Can Leave Your Hat On

You have to protect the face! I love that quote. I'm all about protecting the face from lines and spots and let's face it - melanoma. While the first line of defence for me is daily SPF (that I reapply during the day), the second during the summer months and when I'm on vacation in a sunny destination - is definitely a hat.

Know the Drille

I think the espadrille is the quintessential summer shoe. Designed in Spain and perfected (in my opinion) in France...kidding, isn't everything perfected in France?  But what is true, is the fact that  the espadrille has been around since the 14th century.

The Long and Short of Shorts

Shorts are super short these days. Like 'half ass hanging out the back' short. But I, as a 48 year old woman am NOT interested in half of my ass hanging out the back of my shorts. I'm a little modest and like my ass fully covered - thank you very much.