Lather Up!

Are you a bar person or a body wash person? We're a house divided. I like a generous squirt of body wash on a big puff and my hus prefers to lather up with a good ol' bar of soap.

Smithery Style

Every now and again, usually I post a particularly well put together out fit on  Dear Glimmer, or post a photo of an outfit I'm wearing on Instagram - I get an email or text from a friend. "I love your outfit choices...please take me shopping - I'll pay you."


It's tremendously satisfying to sit down and write about a friend who's doing something successful that helps women. In this case, Heather Bolt of Dotty is designing and making beautiful clothes.

Sheet Mask 101

Do you like masks? I mean facial masks...not Halloween masks. I love them and they are a regular part of my Sunday night facial cleansing routine.

Stretching your Summer Wardrobe

Not everyone is going to love or even like the popular street style of wearing a dress over your jeans or pants. I've done it in the past (and loved it) and I'm thinking I'm going to work it into my wardrobe just a wee bit more this season.