Be in the Present

It was a relatively easy decision this year for me NOT do to a 25 Day Gift Guide like I did last year. I found it extremely labour intensive (reminder - I'm not getting paid here) and my December was looking like it would be much busier than last, which is absolutely is.

Back...for a hot minute...

So...sorry about my absence of late. I needed to breathe for the past few weeks and just try to ground myself in my life and what's happening around me. So I did.

Rest Those Tired Eyes

Whenever I lie down for a nap (which is often) lavender scented eye pillow is never far. And if it is, I'll get up and get it - it's that important to me that my eyes get their optimal rest during this time.  

Best in LBD

As holiday season quickly approaches, so does party season and the search for the perfect party outfit. An LBD (Little Black Dress - for the one person who didn't know what the acronym stood for)  is simplest and chicest solution for every soiree.

One Coat...

If by some horrific chance my husband said to me "Vicki, you have too many coats in your closet, pick one to keep and donate the rest." First, let's be realistic - I would die, and then I would choose the long camel coat. Read on...

Lather Up!

Are you a bar person or a body wash person? We're a house divided. I like a generous squirt of body wash on a big puff and my hus prefers to lather up with a good ol' bar of soap.

Smithery Style

Every now and again, usually I post a particularly well put together out fit on  Dear Glimmer, or post a photo of an outfit I'm wearing on Instagram - I get an email or text from a friend. "I love your outfit choices...please take me shopping - I'll pay you."


It's tremendously satisfying to sit down and write about a friend who's doing something successful that helps women. In this case, Heather Bolt of Dotty is designing and making beautiful clothes.